Guess I won’t retire anytime soon…

Alternate title: Fodder for more Old Victorian stories coming up…

Right after THIS episode…I actually fixed the air-conditioner…of course, my better half is correct about it’s fate…I fixed it by replacing it and then making a graphic example out of the old one…so all the other mechanical equipment would know I mean business! (yeah, sure!).

Anyway, fixed/replaced the air-conditioner and that migrated the mechanical malady somewhere else…so now we need a new roof. THAT’S going to be a project…and cost about (divides by 2…carries the 3…adds pi…mmmm…pi….) uh…double the gross domestic product of a couple of smaller countries.

The process of contractor selection, short term patching, the actual job, and figuring out just how in the heck to pay for it will no doubt generate lots more stories for the comic…

Y’all stay tuned! Oh, and keep an eye out over HERE for current updates on that project.


Galley Wrap!

Some new art for my office…

Had a couple canvases printed (giclee on artist canvas). I use Best prices around, good service, etc.

Click any pic for a larger view…

Then I got some ‘O these:

Stretcher bars

Put ’em together:


Did a bunch of stapling:


Cut some corners (and then folded them)

Cut some corners

Added some wire and felt pads:

Pads and wire

And the Galley Wrap is complete!

Galley wrap complete

Art be hangin’:


Tadaa! Some new art hanging!

Pics were commissions by RHJunior.

Post Schedule

Currently I’m planning on updating the strip every Saturday. New pages should show up shortly after midnight Central time.

I’ve commissioned enough pages to get somewhat ahead and then the pace will slow down a bit, but should be a weekly update.

If you’ll peek *over there* on the lower right of any page on the site, you’ll see the queue.

If you want to get a sneak peak, the artist typically draws these pages, other commissions, and his own comics “in channel”, which is to say, on Livestream. Tune in, get a peak, listen to some pontificating, and watch an artist at work.

Livestream sessions are usually Mon-Fri 6pm-midnight ET. The graphic below will show you when he’s on the air. Click to join the session!

Watch live streaming video from realitychecklive at

Here we go I guess…

oldvic04Well, five pages are in (plus the cover) and scripts are to the artist for 4 more. I’m also pretty happy with the site and it seems to be holding together.

I guess it’s time to let folks know it’s here.

Welcome! Check it out and let me know what you think.

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