The world has a way of reminding us what's important.The Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.

What are YOU thankful for?

Note: This Thanksgiving episode occurs in the timeline of the Old Vic comic…so was actually a couple years ago.
wolficon10Life’s tough…but it’s not ALL tough. Thanksgiving is coming…Take a moment to think…just what are YOU thankful for?

ottericon23If we live to fight another day…there’s nothing we can’t handle together.

↓ Transcript
Narration: There's always something to be thankful for...and Thanksgiving reminds us of that. It's also not a bad time to reflect on what you, in particular, are thankful for.
Narration: My life has been hard work rewarded by wonderful things and amazing experiences.
Narration: So what am I thankful for?
Narration: I'm thankful for the letter we got today:
Narration: Biopsy results: Not malignant.


What are YOU thankful for? — 2 Comments

  1. Maybe a couple years ago, but still, yay! Me I’m thankful for another fine year for me and my family and friends. And thank you for good stories. And RH Jr. for the art.

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