This water heater was installed basically in the middle of the bathroom.The Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.

In Hot Water

wolficon8This water heater was dangerous. It vented directly into the attic, via single wall pipe (that was touching wood where it passed through things), the over-temp/pressure valve had been plugged, the pilot light was actually mounted upside down, causing a mini-explosion on each ignition AND constantly making a small spot on the bottom of the water-heater cherry-red hot…and did I mention it was sitting on frayed carpet? The plumbing itself was comically Rube Goldberg bad. Every conceivable type of fitting was involved somehow…black iron, galvanized iron, copper, plastic, tygon tubing, that black plastic well-pipe…and we even found a section of LEAD pipe! Also, on the natural gas side, every single joint…from the gas valve to the controls to the pilot leaked gas. One particularly violent ignition resulted in candle-sized flames on the gas-piping in at least half a dozen places.

True story BTW…I actually threw the offending water heater off the back porch.

The Old Vic now has the BEST PLUMBING EVER. It’s not complete yet, we’ve additional bathrooms to install…but EVERYTHING old was removed. The new is all PEX…with a manifold controls system, filters, etc…and most importantly…a new, cabinet mounted tankless water heater! It costs a pittance to run, takes no interior space, and produces unlimited hot water when, and only when, needed.

Details on that install are here.

ottericon16The clawfoot bathtub in the master bath is 6 feet long and deep enough to submerge in. OooooooooAhhhhhhhhh! Did he mention the unlimited hot water?

↓ Transcript
Narration: Plumbing was added to the Old Vic decades ago...but it was never well done and was patched and repaired countless times since.
Narration: We'd hoped to get by for a few years but the water heater had other ideas.
Narration: I tried to repair it.
Narration: It retaliated.
Narration: I won. Sort of.
Daniel: We're gonna have to update the plumbing.


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