25th Anniversary. Just where does the time go?The Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.

The woman, the magic, and the night.

wolfticonThe woman. The magic. The night. They are…sometimes…exactly the same thing. Full of mystery, danger, intrigue, and all the things I need…all the things of life itself.

Twenty-five years ago I swore in front of God and the state of Texas that I would love, protect, and provide for this women…and I pledged my soul to Her. I’ve never looked back. We’ve been through several hells together…and more than a couple heavens too. Pain and pleasure. Life and death. Back to back. She and I against all comers. Knowing what I know now…I’d still do it all again. The mystery has only gotten deeper.

Twenty-five years…how better to celebrate the woman, the magic, and the night than sneaking off to New Orleans with Her for a few days to ourselves?

The city is legend. We’re off to test that…and perhaps make a few of our own.

ottericon23The man. The passion. The drive. Embodied in the soul of my lover and a challenge and surprise to explore.

We are different creatures, he and I…sometimes pushing…challenging…more often complementary. Two halves of a whole. Together the world is ours…and this night…we’re off to take it.


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