Warranty expired. No refunds. There are TOTALLY no ghosts included! Really!The Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.

The Old Victorian–0004

wolficonWe closed on the Old Vic in December 2008, in the midst of the growing economic and housing crisis…what would be eventually be called “The Great Recession”.

A couple weeks later I got an email from work announcing that I would have a significant pay cut at the end of the month, pretty much eliminating our remodel budget.

ottericon2And then the bathroom exploded…

↓ Transcript
Narration: Some scrimping. Some saving. Lots of doing without.
Narration: Some fancy financial gymnastics, and the Old Vic was ours.
Narration: And so it begins.
Sign: SOLD
Sign: No Refunds

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