Apparently I have a weakness for towers...The Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.

The Old Victorian–0001

wolficon3Oooo. Exposition!

ottericon8He’s a writer. They do this.

↓ Transcript
Narration: I am a rider.
Narration: I am a lot of other things too, but for good or ill, 'rider' sums it up best.
Narration: Confident. Self-reliant. Passionate. Restless. Fearless.
Narration: A builder. A doer. Always searching.
Narration: The complicated man and the sophisticated machine...blood, bone, muscle, and steel...
Narration: One with each other and the road--
Narration: --riding, carving, flying.
Narration: Tasting the wind. Feeling the summer. Experiencing the passion.
Narration: Facing the test.
Narration: In the end I suppose I rode simply because I could.
Narration: Challenging the world, learning, exploring. I'm out here because I can. Because I must. A devastating need to see.
Narration: A wanderer's soul is a pesky thing. But even a wanderer has to come home sometimes...
Narration: And home should be at least as interesting as the people in it.

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