...if I'd had $150 dollars to blow...I'd have handed her my laundry and said, "No starch please."The Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.

The Early Years–Dabbling in the dating scene

People often ask how the wife and I met. Their next question is often why our relationship is so solid. With our generally upbeat outlook they can’t believe we’ve been together this long or ever been “tested”.

We have.

That’s a long story, and I hope to tell it here.

It was a near thing I suppose…us getting together. College…well…sucked. Not to put too fine a point on it…but I was POOR. Poverty. I was the wrong ethnicity and sex to qualify for any sort of aide, so I worked TWO full time jobs, carried a full-time class load, and pursued whatever part-time work I could get. This was typically hot, dangerous, taxing work in construction, farming, and transportation.

Despite all this, I still believed that men and women belonged together, so I dabbled in the dating scene. This comic is just some examples. There were probably around 20. By the end of it I simply felt like an ATM and was ready to write off the female of the species.

↓ Transcript
Narration: College was tough. A full class load, two jobs plus whatever part-time work I could pick up... I was broke, exhausted, and burned out. But I had this idea that men and women were meant to be together so I dabbled in the dating scene.
Girl#1: The whole idea of 'men' is so outdated, don't you agree?
Girl#2: Oooo. Where are you taking me next?
Girl#3: Go out with you? Sure! I'll do anything you want for $150 a night.
Girl#4: What kind of car you got? My man GOT to have a nice car.
Girl#5: Mmmm. You'll be fun to break.
Girl#6: Actually, I went out with you because my boyfriend needs $500 in bail, aaand I was hoping I could talk you into helping out?
Narration: I wasn't exactly thrilled with what I found.

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