"Are you ready for this?"
"No idea. Let's find out, shall we?"
That's pretty much our mantra...The Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.


wolficon10Thanksgiving at the Old Vic is an informal event day for too much food, some lazing about, seeing some family and friends (or not, however it works out), and a few moments private pondering about what we’re thankful for.

ottericon29We’ve had our share of life’s difficulties…some of them serious…but most years we’ve so many things to be thankful for we don’t know where to start.

Happy Thanksgiving.

↓ Transcript
Daniel: Are you ready for this?
Carey: No idea.
Carey: Let's find out!
Daniel: BTU's to max!
Daniel: Proteins to temperature!
Carey: Subdividing now!
Carey: Deadline approaching!
Carey: We just might make it!
SFX: Ding.
Daniel: Caramelization complete! Shut it down! Shut it all down!
Narration: Happy Thanksgiving from the Old Vic!

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