"In your arms I think I've found the safest place to fall..."
"Just love me like you love nobody else."The Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.

Special Post–Hospital

wolficon10Today is a scheduled surgery for a large, aggravated ventral epigastric hernia.


Damaged myself years ago when I was working my way out of one problem or another. Hernias don’t get better without surgical correction, and can become quite dangerous. Recent significant weight loss and years more hard work has caused further damage. Recently it has been causing some serious pain.

It does bring up…insecurities. This has suddenly been really cramping my style…and what happens to my world…what do I do…when I can’t work hard?

Hard work is the only reason I’ve made it as far as I have. More often than not, I have no other asset to bear.

I’m the one that fixes everything…how do I let it all go…let it fall if it must…and just take care of myself?

It seems selfish.

It seems a failure.

I’m the protector…the fighter…the builder…a rider.

A rider’s world demands I hold my very life in my hands at any moment. A rider lives or dies on his/her preparation, skill, perception, and a little bit of luck…daily. It’s foreign to turn my well being…my life…my ability to accomplish…over to another…even for a day. The doctors…do they even guess what it is we risk? What we are trusting them with? I guess it worries me more than I care to admit.

ottericon3Stand down…just for a little while. I’ve got you…

↓ Transcript
Narration: They say a little hard work never hurt anybody...
Narration: ...but a lot can kill you.
Narration: Surgery today.
Narration: I'll see you on the other side.


Special Post–Hospital — 4 Comments

  1. It is not a failure. It is an injury incurred in the course of your life. You are allowed to seek professional help just as you do with any job too big or complex to handle solo. Do not neglect yourself. And don’t try ignoring the doctor’s advice about recovery. Get well.

  2. I’ve been living with one of those myself for years due to various reasons, the repairs didn’t hold, (mainly weight control) Take care, be well, and ride on.

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