Once, when she was away, I rode 1265 miles straight through, just to say, "Hey babe!", give her a kiss, and then turn around and ride back home.The Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.


wolficon1Omelettes in Oklahoma, ice cream in Arkansas, seafood in Louisiana, and barbecue on the Texas coast…I’ve done them all.

ottericon11What he means to say is he’s done them all…ON THE SAME DAY!

↓ Transcript
Daniel: Hey babe, it's been a tough day and it's going to be a beautiful night.
Daniel: I'm gonna take a little ride on the way home and grab a burger or something.
Carey: Okay Hon, have fun--
Carey (thought): Wait...
Narration: When you're married to a rider there are certain question you learn to ask...
Carey: You're going to grab a burger in what state?
Narration: I think she's on to me.


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  1. While I’ve never done the whole set that you describe, I can see the attraction and have done an hour or more ride just for the grins, no real objective at all.

    Great comic by the way, thank you for sharing your imagination and a peek at your lives.

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