"Mmmmm...I'll give you a ride if you give me one." she says...The Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.

Picking up Women

wolficon12We’ve used several variants of this over the years. Always good for a laugh.

ottericon27He usually pinches me on the butt somewhere in the process.

↓ Transcript
Gas station attendant: "Woah, that there's a sweet bike!"
Daniel: "She sure is."
Gas station attendant: "Heh...it any good for pickin' up women?"
Daniel: "Hmm. Let's find out."
Daniel: "Hey you! C'mere woman!"
Daniel: "Ya wanna go for a ride with me?"
Carey: "I dunno. Are you one of those men my momma warned me about?"
Daniel: "Better believe it."
Carey: "Great!"
SFX: Bruummm!
Carey: "We are a pair of stinkers."
Daniel: "That we are..."

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