Old FashionedThe Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.

Old Fashioned

↓ Transcript
Carey: You know my father's awful old fashioned.
Daniel: Taken care of.
Narration: Two weeks prior
Carey's Dad: Let me see if I understand--you're asking permission to marry my daughter?
Daniel: ...No sir.
Carey's Dad: ??
Daniel: I love her--and if she feels the same--I'm not letting anything on earth interfere. What I'm asking for is your blessing.
Carey's Dad: HAH! Finally a man with some brass ones! You have my blessings, indeed!
Carey's Dad: You think she'll say yes?
Daniel: I wouldn't ask if I wasn't pretty confident.
Carey's Dad: Of course standard family death threats apply if you break her heart.
Daniel: I wouldn't have it any other way sir.

Carey: He knew?
Daniel: Yep. So did your mom, and my parents, and our friends...
Carey: AUGH! Everybody knew I was getting married but me!

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