Restaurants tend to get you a table quicker when you're carrying a shapely woman over your shoulder...The Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.


We strive to leave outside stresses…outside…not allowing the problems of the world to intrude on our relationship. We’ve seen so many make that mistake…allowing the world and the issues in it to impact their relationship.

It’s not always easy. The world has a way of driving its strife into places it doesn’t belong…but we also support each other…in all things.

Bad day?
Leave it outside.

Well let me just help ya with that.

Hard to stay mad/worried when the love of your life grabs you on the butt and buys you dinner…

↓ Transcript
Carey: "Grumblegrumble...You just bought me flowers.."
Daniel: "And now I'm taking you out to dinner."

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