They sicken of the calm, who knew the storm.The Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.

Criticality Detection

wolficon18When we purchased the Old Vic, we knew that sections of the roof were older and not in good condition and would need replaced within a few years. It did NOT leak at the time we purchased it so we hoped to get by for 3-4 years and budgeted accordingly.

Unfortunately, almost immediately after we bought the place, I took an unexpected pay cut that devastated our remodel budget for years to come.

We did what we always do…we coped. We tightened our belts, put off some projects, and rearranged the budget.

Finding The Cupola strained that budget further…and initiated another “budget re-arrangement” where we decided we could get a few more years out of the ‘still not leaking’ roof.

That’s when the criticality detector went off and we ended up with a sudden, massive leak in an older section of the roof, and massive, catastrophic hail damage on the newer sections. Later inspection of the area found the shingles there so deteriorated that there was no effective way to repair or patch it…

So…we rearranged things yet again. Check out the new roof on The Old Vic!

ottericon25We sprang for the good stuff on this project. It’s beautiful! Check it out!

↓ Transcript
Daniel: Well, if we put off replacing the roof for a couple more years, we can just squeeze everything into the budget.
Daniel: Everything's going to work out just fine!
Daniel: But of course...

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