In all things...happiness is a choice. So few "get" this.The Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.

A Choice

We’ve been to hell and back…on multiple occasions. We weathered the storms and losses, survived, and could not be torn apart simply because we chose to be happy together, no matter what attacked from the outside. Trust, truthfulness, communication, and connection. These are choices. If made by both, they are impenetrable.

I once asked Her, during a particularly troublesome stretch…if we had weathered the storm or were just in the eye at the moment. She replied, “Don’t know babe. Doesn’t matter. We’ll know soon enough, and make through to the other side together.

There are those that do not know us well that, when they encounter our outlook, assume we’ve never been tested. They would be wrong.

Back to back. Always. Hell didn’t have a clue what to do with us.

↓ Transcript
Waitress: "Y'all are a cute couple. You two newlyweds?"
Carey: "HaHa, no. This is our 25th anniversary!"
Waitress: "Really? My word! Y'all are so lucky!"
Carey: "Lucky hee"
Daniel: "Snrk"
Waitress: "What?"
Daniel/Carey together: "It's not luck."
Waitress: "What is it then?"
Daniel: "It's a decision. One we make together."
Carey: "That's the secret honey...happiness is a *choice*."

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