About the Comic

The Old Victorian webcomic is a slice-of-life, anthropomorphic, loosely autobiographical, graphic-novel based on Daniel and Carey’s adventures in motorcycling, life, art, discovering our love for our old buildings, stretching our abilities to renovate them, and exploring our continued love and devotion to each other.

What’s the rating?

No naughty bits. “Cheesecake” or “pinup” would be the maximum art rating. Implied intimacy, some adult themes.

Why the anthros?

Maid Marion may have been my first crush.

Maid Marion may have been my first crush.

Well, we were raised on Disney. What can you expect? I’m unashamed to admit my first crush (I was like 9 years old maybe) was on the foxy Maid Marion in Disney’s Robin Hood. Sadly, she never returned my calls.

We love the art form and find that easy expression and conveyance of emotion allowed with the various anthro critters appeals to our sense of storytelling and artistic…maturity. Besides. Humans are harder to draw.

Why the subject matter?

Motorcycles and Victorian era buildings? Surely they go together?

Have you ever heard the expression, “Truth is stranger than fiction?” It applies. I’ve ridden motorcycles all over this country (and Canada too) and have encountered everything from the magical to the mundane. So much so that I’ve written an award winning series of books about it (hint: Buy ’em, will ya?).

There’s so much magic in the world…that my best friend and life-long riding partner read my books and then asked me, “When are ya going to write down the weird stuff?”

As to Victorian buildings…well, on December 1, 2008, among national economic uncertainty and no shortage of personal, internal turmoil, my wife Carey and I closed the sale on a lonely, vacant, 1903 Queen Anne Victorian house. Our intent is to renovate this grand neglected lady into our dream home.

A year later a beautiful building on our historic small town square, that was built at the very end of the American Civil War (1866), came up for sale and we purchased it with the intent of establishing my working studio and evil headquarters headquarters for Stormrider Press, my publishing label.

Apparently…I have a weakness for buildings with towers on them…and perhaps…we’re gluttons for punishment.

With some skills, a truckload of tools, a “sort of” plan, a bunch of confidence, and a limited budget, another of our life adventures begins. We document those adventures with pictures, how to’s, and such here.

In the webcomic we can bring our story-telling and sense of humor to bear. Here you’ll find some slice-of-life and one-offs, as well as some more serious story arcs. Literary license is bandied about…but often not as much as you would think.

Follow along. It’s bound to be interesting…