A year already…

It’s been a year since I started this project. If you’ve not done so already, give it a read. Forty-five pages of comics. Hundred’s if not thousands more waiting to be brought to life.

I noodled on this project for years before launching it. I wanted so much to illustrate this myself, but alas…I didn’t feel my art skills were up to telling the stories with the panache I felt they deserved, so I brought RHJunior on board for the illustrations. The expressions, body language, and movement he brings to this art-form are highly refined.

Ya’ll may know though…that the webcomic world doesn’t generate a lot of revenue, so there are not a lot of funds to pay the artist what he’s worth.

Thus the artist is rightly focused on his own projects, raising the question of what I should do with this story…and these characters. I’ve been pondering this for some time.

There is much left to be told…single page stories, long story arcs, adventure, humor, tragedy, and everything in between. Old buildings, motorcycles, road trips, remodeling adventures, friends lost, passion, and pain. Even a ghost story or two.

I love storytelling, I love writing, I love art, I love webcomics in general, and I particularly love the expressiveness of the anthro-comic medium. Life is a hell of an adventure…and I struggle to write even a small portion of it down.

Much like my book projects, the stories are occurring faster than they can be told. I’ll never run out of material.

So what to do?

As I said, I’ve been pondering for some time…and had concluded that I should really just sit down and draw. I do have some skill…and had I done that in the first place…I would have forty-five or more pages of “practice” and style development/refinement already here.

And today…one of my friends posted this on his facebook feed…

Draw damn you!

Draw damn you!

Right along my line of thinking. Right now…today…I simply don’t love my art as much as I love the stories I wish to tell with it…and simply don’t feel I can do them justice.

But I have to start somewhere. Perhaps if I’d started drawing this a year ago I’d be close to where I feel I want to be. Probably not though…life is art…and it’s a work in progress and demands constant refinement.

If I want it bad enough, I’ll put in the work to make it happen. Reading archives on many of the webcomics I love shows this plainly…they all started somewhere too…and refined their art and skills along the way. They are where they are now…precisely because they are where they are now.

So…off to my drawing board! Stay tuned…I’ll probably post some practice stuff and character sheets/poses/etc as I work myself up to doing actual pages. There will inevitably be some style changes…and a…”lack of refinement”…at least…to begin with.

Also, DO look for more from my friend RHJunior…there’s been no falling out or such here…he is simply busy with his own projects. As he has free cycles for my admittedly low-budget project, he may yet be illustrating more of my stories here. We’ll see.

Daniel Meyer

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