Have I seen the Christmas lights? Yeah honey, I put 'em in the attic in that gaudy looking Arc thing...The Old Victorian Webcomic is written by Daniel Meyer and illustrated by Ralph Hayes Junior.
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Nothing Useful…

wolficon16 I’ve always told folks that you’ll know when I’ve found something valuable because then you’ll see me standing around sipping iced-tea and supervising about a dozen guys working on my house.

ottericon10Nope. He’d be doing it all himself anyway.

↓ Transcript
Narration: Folks always ask me what old treasures I've found when working on the Old Vic.
Daniel: Sigh...mumble mutter...century old wiring.
Narration: Rewiring this place has made me explore every nook and cranny.
Daniel: Okay, I'm sending the wire down through the hole.
Daniel: You got it honey? Great!
Narration: I never seem to find anything useful though.
Daniel: We really got to do something about this clutter.